Stumping for… Palin?

694940094001_4713371223001_b39c4875-b8a0-4e5f-ad7a-184d235dc577Donald Trump is the best candidate, better than anybody else, because he knows how to keep ‘the main thing’ the main thing. That, according to former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Who else?

Governor Palin has formally endorsed the Donald ahead of her other chum Ted Cruz in the run-up to the Iowa Caucus. Excitable as ever, she proclaimed him to be the only one who would be willing to let the military go and “kick ISIS’ ass” while stabilizing the economy. After all, he’s had to balance budgets in the private sector to keep those main-things main.

However, it is difficult to completely ignore who Palin is actually stumping for. Since her contract as a pundit on FOX News ended she has been uncharacteristically quiet, with little media attention. Thrown into the spotlight in 2008 as the Vice Presidential candidate she became her own brand, spearheading the Tea Party movement, a baton which has since passed to Cruz. She was vocal on anything and everything, appearing as a political analyst and commenter for conservative media outlets. And now she has moved on to become a professional endorser.

Her bid for Trump is energetic, exciting and mostly great for the media. But given her strong connection to Cruz, whom she supported in his run for the US Senate in 2012, it’s left many curious over why she chose Trump.

“Sarah Palin has been a champion for the conservative cause, and if she was going to endorse Donald Trump, sadly, she would be endorsing someone who’s held progressive views all their life on the sanctity of life, on marriage, on partial-birth abortion,” said Rick Tyler, a spokesman for Cruz.

Mrs. Palin is well known for her devout conservative belief in all approaches to American life. Despite the obvious fondness for flash over substance, Palin and Trump aren’t the most likely of matches. There’s nothing but positives as far as the former governor is concerned though. Her endorsement brings her to the party’s foreground once again, and whether Trump loses or wins she will have at least partly rehabilitated her image.

ct-donald-trump-sarah-palin-endorsement-20160120Even in the quiet years, Mrs. Palin has amassed a dedicated following, especially in America’s heartland states. Combined with her downhome charm, her popularity soared with her straightforward attitude and direct communication with followers and adversaries; the self pro-claimed “hockey mom” who Americans could relate to. Her strong religious beliefs helped her amass her supporters, but with her out of the spotlight many of these turned to Senator Cruz.

Should the Palin endorsement be successful, Trump will deal a significant blow to his biggest rival in Iowa. With polls putting the front runners neck-and-neck winning over these undecided voters could be the key to the first primary caucus of the season.

After quitting politics, and prematurely ending her term in Alaska, Governor Palin has struggled to maintain a significant GOP presence. Attempting to reestablish herself as a kingmaker, Palin will hope she can utilize her disciples to become a relevant force in the Republican Party. Should they stick with Cruz, it will see here significance in today’s political world crumble.

Speaking to Politico, senior editor for Conservative Review Daniel Horowitz explained how few Cruz voters would suddenly switch because of the Palin factor: “…honestly this is more of a boost to Sarah Palin than it is to Donald Trump.”

Mrs. Palin’s endorsement speech reveals her to be more excited about being relevant once more rather than Trump winning the nomination. A summary of GOP platitudes on military might and Obama-bashing; a lot about how strong she has been to survive the media ridicule since 2008; and when Trump was brought into context, she described him as the “master” of the deal, who won’t “pussy-foot” around, someone strong enough to “fire” people who will “bust up” the system. And someone who will keep “the-main-thing the main thing”.

Her endorsement garners media attention, but whether it’ll help Trump in the polls in the long term or if it really is another Palin show, only the following months will surmise.


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  1. […] As I’ve mentioned before, it all started in 2008, the change in the neo-Republican Party. This is a party which is as divisive as the Democrats in the 1800s. It’s not even a Republican Party anymore. It’s the Tea Party (or whatever they wish to call themselves these days). It began with the deranged idiocy of Governor Sarah Palin, excited by the big-leagues and her acknowledgement outside of the Alaskan terrain. Her supporters helped to hijack the moderacy of a John McCain campaign, a man who had worked with Democrats as well as Republicans during his long time in the United States Senate. A man who came to realise his huge error. […]

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