“Breaking News”: Hillary Clinton announces something we already knew…

After what has been nearly a decade since her first announcement, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has finally announced her candidacy for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

Cue tumbleweed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted with Mrs. Clinton’s announcement. But it is difficult to get outrageously excited about something we knew was going to happen anyway.

Announcing via her YouTube channel, Clinton makes her focus on the American family; black, white, Latino, gay, straight, young, old, and even a family business. We’re talking about real Americans just trying to be productive members of society. And whether they’re paid actors or not, it’s refreshing to have an announcement which isn’t just a laborious speech. Clinton keeps it direct allowing the focus to be on the stories rather than her.

What has been surprising is the reaction by Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, two runners who both recently announced their candidacy, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. All immediately released tweets attacking Clinton’s record, and what her victory would mean for America, despite the fact they would all need to get around their own primaries, especially Tea Party darling Cruz, before they’d have to face any Democrat, Clinton or otherwise.

Obviously the heights of Clinton’s popularity have already made her a clear front runner for the entire campaign, with many Democrats seeming to question whether they would want to challenge her. As Jon Stewart of The Daily Show said in February:

“Hillary Clinton seems to be in a  tight race with Senator Nobody and Governor Bupkis.
“Not a single Democrat wants to pursue the nomination on the off chance Hillary may throw her hat in the ring.”

With her strong lead in the polls already it’s not entirely optimistic of Republican candidates to immediately attack her rather than any colleagues in their own party. Potentially the primary debates could solely focus on how each candidate is best suited to take on Clinton rather than why they should be President of the United States.

It works for Clinton, and the Democrats, however you wash it; on one hand she’ll look diplomatic, commanding and stately as they bicker amongst themselves behind the scenes. On the other, the Democratic unit will look like they’re ready to lead the charge while Republicans forget about the issues and argue about “Clinton”, “Benghazi” and “emails”.

One prospect for Clinton’s campaign could be the more unobtrusive approach she appears to have created. Often criticized previously in 2008 for being too harsh, abrupt and course, she’s now warmer with a refined agenda. Her strength and intelligence are subtle and cunning, with an air of never needing to cede the higher ground. Less nervous excitement, more charm, charisma and determination.

Of course we’re only hours old at this point. But the hope for Hillary is high. Now to sit back, and watch the games commence.


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