A truth the West won’t tell about Gaza

Palestinian man brings child to hospital [Lefteris Pitarakis, AP]
Palestinian man brings child to hospital [Lefteris Pitarakis, AP]

The problems facing Gaza will never, save some miraculous breakthrough, be solved from a western-led intervention. And those hoping for an effective United States or European Union response have a long wait ahead of them.

This isn’t to say western powers haven’t done anything. However, the latest commentaries to the downed Malaysian Airlines flight last week demonstrates the stark difference between the responses to the two situations.

The Middle Eastern Watchtower

If we were seeing an endless display of European or American bodies, corpses of westerners, then a solution would have been tabled yesterday. Arguably, the singular problem behind the circumstances in the Middle East is the US’ relationship with Israel.

With perhaps the exception of the United Kingdom, Israel is America’s strongest ally, albeit an uncontrollable one. When President Harry S. Truman officially recognized the State of Israel in 1948, the two nations had their futures tethered.

Israel serves as a geo-political watchtower for the West, where the United States and European friendlies can keep an eye on the Arabic Peninsula and beyond. Israel is also strategic to act as a military launchpad should another situation arise.

However, unlike many other partner nations of the US, Israel has often ignored the advice of its bigger brother. Past suggestions that Israel should negotiate with neighboring states are often snubbed. And despite this, the US continues to be the largest benefactor of Israel’s military arsenal, effectively sanctioning the relentless fighting over sovereign, and holy land.

America has seen the simultaneous development of Jewish power

AIPAC, ElectionsThe Jewish lobby was born, not just to help the millions of Jews who had migrated after World War II and become American citizens, but also to ensure American support for Israel will continue.

Propagandist domestic politics combined with decades-old foreign policy has seen America maintain a blind eye to Israel’s aggression against her neighbors. The Jewish lobby has hence asserted this simple view into its core objectives: Israel can do no wrong.

Along with military defense and the protection of religious beliefs, every American politician seemingly has to take an oath to defend Israel at all costs. Being such an indicative platform for all elected officials, regardless of party, having an alternative opinion on Israel could see one’s career collapse.

The fact of the matter is quite simple

Republicans will not touch Israel; being the only “true democracy” in an American-hating, Muslim area of the world, the state is too vital for Middle Eastern intelligence gathering.

And on the other side, Democrats will not readily contradict the only “democratic state” in the area for numerous reasons, namely fear of the Jewish lobby’s influence.

When elections come around, be it general or midterms, American Jews have always favored Democrats over their GOP rivals. And where the Tea Party has displaced many Republicans for more conservative leaning representatives, the Jewish lobby has the power to upset many incumbent Democrats.

Monday’s episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart perfectly displayed the current American bias towards Israel. In a typically Stewart-esque parody the anchor played up to the recent accusations he has faced over his apparent “pro-Hamas” attitudes, a view created for just showing sympathy to Gazans. So embedded is the pro-Israeli propaganda even the recent struggles, which saw the murder of more than 500 Palestinians including 100 children, have barely shifted America’s position.

A rebellious Russia is more critical anyway

Much like many areas of US foreign affairs, politics and national interests dictate American action. Thus, the United States has little to gain from a long-term peace treaty in the Middle East, whilst Europe lacks the balls to act without America’s cooperation.

Yet the western world, with no intent to deliberately demean the horrific tragedy of the Malaysian flight, will continue to rally around the reprehensible acts possibly influenced by a re-emerging Russian power that has actively contradicted American and European policies.

Palestinians Flee Homes [Lefteris Pitarakis, AP]
Palestinians Flee Homes [Lefteris Pitarakis, AP]

Death and destruction in Gaza will continue, the West only preventing current conflicts to avoid skirmishes escalating into further regional wars.

Save a miraculous breakthrough, the internal politics of the West will never labor for an enduring peace in Gaza.


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